Monday, December 19, 2011

Cloning a VirtualBox Guest

Cloning a Virtual Machine is a great way to leverage your virtualized environments and spin up test servers with ease.

First, create a base server to use for your clones. Try not to modify this one too much. Perhaps set the time zone and display resolution. If you change too much, you may end up modifying your clones later on.

Next, right-click on your base server and pick clone.

Clone the Base Guest VM

Give the clone a new name. Be sure to reinitialize the MAC address of your network cards.

Reinitialize the MAC Address

A full clone will make a separate copy of your base server. There will be no dependencies on the base server from this point on.

A linked clone will depend on your base, and will keep track of the differences between them. This can result in a great amount of disk space savings. However, your clone will be dependent on the base server.

Full Clone or Linked Clone

Hmmm...this is taking a while.  Let's go watch The 6th Day or perhaps The Island.

Wait of the Clones

OK, my clone is finished.  That was way easier than it is in the movies.

Your Clone is Ready

And there you have it!  Time for fun…

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