Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Highlight Important Emails

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the volume of email you receive on a daily basis? Me too. Well, there’s not much I can do to help you stop it, other than say log off and stay logged off. Unfortunately, we all need to work to pay our bills, so we need another solution.

Here’s a quick tip I learned from LifeHacker that will help you filter the most important emails. This tip works on the theory that if an email is sent directly to you, then it is more important. If it was sent to a group that you are a member of, then it is less important.

While this heuristic may not cover everything, it does peel away a significant number of emails for me.

In Outlook, click the View menu, and then Click the View Settings button.

View Settings Menu

Next, click the Conditional Formatting button.

Advanced View Settings - Conditional Formatting

From there, you will be presented with the Conditional Formatting screen. Click Add to create a new Rule. I named mine ‘Highlight to me.’

Conditional Formatting

Next, click the Font button and decide what color you want to highlight your messages. I chose blue.

Choose the Font

Then, click the Condition button and setup the rule to filter your messages.

Define Your Condition

And voila, all messages that have my name listed in the To: or Cc: lines will highlight blue. Now, I can quickly scan and find all the messages that are of higher import.

Mail Highlighted Blue

I hope this tip helps you cut through the daily deluge of digital distractions that are depriving you of your destiny.  Code on!

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