Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CACTUSS April 2012

Last night I presented at the local SQL Server user group, CACTUSS. Late last week I got a call asking if I could present this week. I was more than happy to jump at the chance. Since I'm presenting at SQL Saturday #107 next weekend in Houston I figured this was a great opportunity to practice my presentation.

SQL Server Amnesia

My topic last night was troubleshooting memory pressure. I covered the basics of internal and external memory pressure. Then I walked through various methods for checking on how SQL Server is using its memory.

I received what I consider to be two excellent comments. First, several folks were furiously taking notes while I rambled on. And second, at the end I got asked to share my scripts. Much better than people throwing tomatoes at me. :-)


So the CACTUSS user group is starting to grow up. We have started formalizing our structure and had our first election for President and the board members. I'm happy to say I was voted on to be a board member. Now I guess I gotta start doing some work...

Let's see...for my reign of terror I promise to drop all constraints, use only heaps, and grant sa to all developers.


Oh, and yes, I'm going to post my slides and scripts after SQL Saturday next week.

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