Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Speaking at SQL Saturday #255 Dallas

SQL Saturday is coming to town. SQL Saturday is coming to town. OK, so that's not as awesome as Santa Claus coming to town, it's still pretty cool. You get a full day of SQL Training for free. Well, almost free. There is a $10 charge for lunch.

If you haven't been to a SQL Saturday before, here is your chance. Dallas is hosting SQL Saturday #255 on Saturday, November 2nd. Saturday? Are you kidding me? I know, I thought it was a joke the first time I heard it, but this will make my 5th SQL Saturday.

SQL Saturday's are a ton of fun. You get to meet other SQL Folks from all over the state. There are always a significant number of attendees that come from across the country, and even a few that will come in from overseas.

Quite a few of the speakers will be top tier talent who have spoken at PASS or other national conferences. And then they let me in the club. Not sure how I made it, but I've been selected to speak, as well.

I'll be presenting a session on Troubleshooting Memory Issues in SQL Server. I'll go through the basics of Memory Pressure, and show you various tools and techniques to troubleshoot it. Be sure to bring some tomatoes and old DIMMs for the interactive portion of the show.

If you're not interested in my session, there are a total of 42 sessions being offered. Douglas Adams would be proud. Sessions are organized into several tracks including Administration, Development, Business Intelligence, and Career Development.

Additionally, on Friday there are three full-day pre-con sessions being offered. These cost $100 and you must register ahead of time. I've registered for Andy Leonard's session covering SSIS 2012. Another great one is Grant Fritchy's session on Query Tuning. I saw his session at PASS last year; it's a good one. At PASS these sessions cost about $300 - $400. So this is a huge discount for the same level of content.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a mouse, head to the website, and register. Oh, you don't live anywhere near Dallas. That's OK, because there's a SQL Saturday coming soon to a town near you.

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