Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SQL Server 2016 Technical Preview Coming This Summer

Microsoft made some cool announcements at the Ignite Conference yesterday. If you're a data geek, then you'll be happy to know that the next version of SQL Server is coming up soon.

This summer, Microsoft in planning to release SQL Server 2016 Public Preview. You can sign up to be notified once it becomes available.

Some of the high-level features they are advertising include:

  • Always Encrypted

  • Stretch Database

  • Real-time Operational Analytics & In-Memory OLTP

  • Built-in Advanced Analytics, PolyBase and Mobile BI

  • Row-level Security and Dynamic Data Masking

  • More Synchronous Replicas for AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • Round Robin Load Balancing for Secondaries

  • Native JSON Support

You can read the data sheet information here.

Brent Ozar has a nice write-up with his thoughts on what it all means. He does a nice job of distilling the marketing buzz down to nuts and bolts and what it will really mean to the rest of us.

I know I'm signing up to download the SQL Server 2016 Preview as soon as it's available. How about you?

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