Tuesday, June 2, 2015

SQL 2016 Community Technical Preview Now Available

Great news! SQL 2016 is available as a Community Technical Preview. This means you can start playing with the next version of SQL Server and begin learning about all the cool, new features.

I'm particularly interested in the enhancements to SSIS. The last major update to SSIS was in SQL 2012, which I feel was a vast improvement over SQL 2008.

Jorg Klein has a great write-up detailing many of the new Business Intelligence features that will be part of SQL 2016. Not just for SSIS, but also for SSAS and SSRS, as well.

Similar to other technical preview products, you will need to register before downloading the software. This is a simple process and just takes a minutes. Plus you'll get notified about new releases as the product continues through the evaluation process.

One thing to be aware of, similar to SQL 2014, it no longer comes with SSDT/BIDS/whatever you want to call it. So, you will need to install that separately.

Never fear, Visual Studio Community Edition and SQL Server Data Tools Business Intelligence are available for download, as well.